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01  Health and Wellbeing

Health & Wellbeing: mindful communications

With health and wellbeing now at the forefront of everyone’s minds, we were delighted to partner with a new brand looking to secure their place in this competitive and growing market, creating an affiliate strategy in line with their core values. 

Tapping into the increased interest in wellness, we recruited and activated over 200 affiliates to actively promote the brand, ensuring maximum impact from launch. Meanwhile, we designed and implemented a focused communications schedule – including product information, PR, promotions, and reminders – in order to support fast integration. Remaining mindful of the impact that excessive digital “noise” can have on wellbeing, we ensured that all communications were consciously planned and scheduled, keeping the brand front-of-mind without overwhelm. 

This respectful upholding of our client’s core values certainly resonated with our carefully curated affiliate network, achieving a 10% conversion rate that resulted in £25k of revenue generated upon launch. Year to date, 43% of active affiliates have generated sales – an enviable rate that continues to underpin this brand’s success.  

02  Sports

Sportswear & Equipment: sprinting off the starting line!

Cliqued Affiliate was approached by a sportswear and equipment brand who were looking to hit the ground running and maximise their audience share right from the starting gun. After clarifying their goals, we built on the brand’s initial affiliate target list, adding high quality, highly relevant affiliates that would get them where they wanted to be, fast.

The strategy was a rocketing success from the start, generating over £134K in revenue from launch. We also recorded 1,200 affiliate transactions in the first month post-launch and an unprecedented 42% contribution from feed affiliates to overall sales.

Establishing an effective affiliate communications schedule kept this brand at the forefront of the affiliate network’s mind, achieving strong, consistent engagement with results that can only be described as a runaway success!

03  Pet Products

Pet products: nurturing a healthy market share

Drawn by our agility and enthusiasm, this household-name pet product brand approached Cliqued Affiliate for assistance in achieving improved results. By working with a wide variety of affiliates, we were able to nurture a healthy mix that continues to deliver exceptional revenue growth.

Optimising the brand’s existing partnerships efficiently delivered more sales, while also reaching new, high-converting, animal-loving customers – at all stages of the sales funnel. 

In practical terms, this translated to an incredible 140% revenue uplift year-on-year for 2022-23 and a 76% increase in conversion rate over the same period, with 23% of live affiliates currently contributing to sales. To date, we continue to work with this brand to deliver strategic offers and incentives and achieve revenue results that get tails wagging!

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